Ideas & Techniques

The project started with this one statement. I hand stitched using black thread onto texture paper.


At the beginning of this project I came across this image below, showing the research, concept, prototype and design stage of a project. It made me consider the idea of looking at myself as a design problem. For example using the research part to understand why I don’t  know what career path to take, looking back over my career choices, education, etc.



I could use this example to make light on not knowing what career path to take and create a ‘the art of getting by’ guide to finding your career.


When thinking about what pattern I would create for my panel, I consider stitching words to represent my career path.


“Much of a Muchness” relates back to my education.

MuchOfaMuchness  CloseUp

dyslexia2  dictionary2

Textiles Pattern – inspiration for my final quilt layout and my personal panel within the overall quilt.

1abb7e63b33283b8421f11801dd1c295   4cbcaf24cdbb8b7cfbb0c28978e728ca

1f064a6cf9c465cbaf7e6fc106e4d3ff  3744150ff75b2e5f8f0a19d81f38d7f9

I came across this image ‘Who I Am’ it reminded me of the task you do to figure out what career would suit you best. They say… what you enjoy and what you spend your free time doing should be what you do as a career. What subjects make you excited and talkative, should be consider what looking for a career.


Books I have read, for inspirations around this project.

1535013_792834427397996_1567436000_n 9780307352149_custom-5b5ce2e8d8a1c22ef8fa885da61cbc226d88337b-s6-c30

Embroidery stitching techniques and ideas

4c6504e64fc08243fca617de6f008cc6  6f3fa069c9e41083fbf92266756c8fab  6ac3d2c8526bcf0df2fc5759503f5e93

Stitching styles    99e9f1a9f0eab3a72a5182a35339876d  69b2c353f624c2648c3e527692fb36c7   85a95ec7f0b7556a0b83185955974eb2     1e7921bf27dfdda8259a2d26570afb46

6dc0bd83e8f0e97106b245d586548670   tumblr_lmlfehD8ll1qgxeevo1_400

Colour Inspiration: What colours work better together.

dcf9272b02c6e10ea893242459ff4acd    2a14d0a7ad484711b87899df0dd23773    3454251eaf8354615326ac7564244be3     fe8adab220fc080c0c93b6c8668bbb54      f3c74ba4a1c624ca90083d66c1faca69

Patone: Spring 2014 colour selection. I really like these colour tones, I did use a shade of blue, green, yellow and purple within my project.


These two images represented how I could lay out my final quilt, they appear to being telling a story.

IMG_82711-550x412   Weaving_31_Copyright-shipbuilding-2013


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