Shapes & Symbols

I decided to look into what different colours mean, to inspire my colour theme for my final piece, the ‘Quilt’. After selecting my colour palette, I realised I needed to explored what different shapes means too. What does it means to create a circle. square, triangle or a spiral. I was looking for inspiration for creating my final ‘career pattern’ finding meaning in colours and shapes.

Circles represent movement, graceful, feminine, warm, comforting, protect, and circles confine what’s within and keeps things out.

Squares convey stable, order, security, honest, peaceful, formality, and solid.

Triangles represent self-discovery, revelation, purpose, direction, and progression.

Spirals express creativity, growth, evolution, the cycles of time, life, seasons and convey a journey, energy and flexibility.

A list of different styles of shapes: Equilateral triangle, Isoscles triangle, Scalene triangle, Right triangle, Acute triangle, Rectangle, Rhombus, Parallelogram, Trapezium, A Kite shape, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon and a Nonagon.


Stitching patterns using cotton thread over texted paper.

IDEA: To create an identity pattern, a shape that embodies who you are.

tumblr_m9bx5xY4AK1qd82q3o1_500  PatternOnText

Letters of the alphabet – I like the simplicity of these letters and how unrecognisable they would be alone.


Glyphs Chart – displaying Values Symbols, Actions, Artifacts, Disciplines and Miscellaneous Symbols.

Interesting insight into what different symbols mean.



Viking, Celtic and Chinese symbols:

77ae804cd46b2b43d8971f18ec7015b7      celtic  1cfea53fa29a4204f39515316d1f850c

Japanese Sashiko patterns for inspiration. In Japanese embroidery tradition known as sashiko grid like patterns, running stitches are sewn into repeating geometric shape patterns.

cropimage  5a3fb5380e9b0906f49bc820a14e054c

82bde1978fa91c564fab2809e0b47376   575da01077d36ad7a304b18a27bb436a  ef0f0ae9f4786f48ca49c97f58f954e5  698bfc3bffc884cd5f901c111d9903ba

IDEA: Creating a block pattern within a square , rectangle or a obtuse triangle, right triangle shape or even within a circle.

1622db05449e8abaafbd854425a0952c  82a98f74291f86e32eef333f663fc759


fc12b2855d50db53e1d7a4fc6837bb48  421d496e171e8056642168f1dca3a7bc

A maze within a shape.

IDEA: Our career from time to time can feel like a maze, we hit a few dead ends and wrong turns along the way, with the aim to find a route to the centre, navigating our way around.

Key words: Labyrinth, Puzzle, Twists and Turns.

I stitched this maze using black thread onto paper. I first thought I would create a labyrinth pattern to represent my career path, conveying that I do not know which direction to take next.


60fc180e4407382af3ce7824e8d94431   f5004366e5c06b3206ed3a542b594799

Triangle inspired patterns

fbc99ed351db21a1be5cd553864642c6  tumblr_lygitwoKtE1qd9xkco1_500   PatternIdea

1bfb24da86d8bba4df1228af2322842c   applique4

087ffd5e239dd195ab691a4cdc6b1391  87c51013808e415b8090de870d8f43f2

e10dfd289111901c14e7bc0e80c3d989  f62a447fe58459944fd1042ae7966545





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