Up there for thinking…

I needed to make my own individual panel for the final quilt. I was starting to over think what shape or pattern would represent, how I feel about my career path and further career. I decided to create a ‘Face’ template, for the outline shape and used a triangle shape pattern within the outline. The metaphor behind the triangles, that I personally like is that, each of the three sides represent, one your past, two your present, and three your future. I feel that the choices I have made in my past, where the right choice at that time, with the information I had available to me. The feeling I experienced about my dyslexia in the past, did stop me from going to University at a younger age and from feeling confident to apply for certain jobs. The present where I am now, happy that I have achieve a degree and have a more positive outlook on what I am capable of achieving. The future side of the triangle is that I feel more relaxed about my future career ambitions and more confident to continue to search for the career, I really want. I decided to create the face outline because many of my worries about my career path and what I am capable of achieving, is all in my ‘head’. I need to change my mind set, about how my career defines me and not to worry to much, about that question: What do you want to be when you grow up? I selected black for the top of the face because black represents the unknown, my fears and insecurities about my future career. It also stands for the feeling of being scared, to take that wrong turn, or hit a dead end and needing to start all over again. I picked grey because it stands for being indecisive which, is how I feel about what to do next. I decided to use the two different shades of amethyst because at first I was going to use white. White conveying a new beginning and a new direction nevertheless, I felt the white background could convey that message for me. The colour amethyst relates to imagination, creativity, transformation and seeking fulfilment in a future career.


I decided to create a face outline from a piece of stitching I created in the research stage of this project. I was inspired by Emily Barlette, stitching methods however, added my own take on it, by spacing the pattern out and stitching french knots at the end of each line.





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